EOTU Ezine Archives

For five years EOTU Ezine was a leading on-line publication featuring fiction, artwork and poetry in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror and experimental. Cheeky and irreverant in its time, now a dusty collection of electronic tomes. Yet still worth a read.

PLEASE NOTE: Do to health concerns of its editor, publisher and founder EOTU Ezine has ceased publication. Do not send us any submissions, we are unable to reply. You may visit our rich archive of past issues at  The Historic Issues of EOTU Ezine The staff of EOTU Ezine have been let go and are either living with Angie (our college intern) out of  her Toyota Tercel (they were in the midwest, as of the last postcard) or with Bonita on her Jungian Nudist Retreat in New Mexico. Ricky's last words as he stormed out the door after being laid off were, "Screw this, I'm going to find Tarantino!" We assume he meant Rudy Tarantino, his dealer, but on the off chance he meant Quentin, please let Quentin know when you see him that he should probably watch out. Our sincere apologies to anyone we may have hurt with this collapse of our ezine empire. Our intentions were good, but we seem to have this issue with that mortal/temporal thing. Our best wishes to all and to all a good night.